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2017, digital print on canvas, 38x38, $750
in the blink of an eye
2017, matches, 3x5x3, NFS
safe house
2017, iron and perler beads, 16x12x12, NFS
2017, american plastic bricks, 5x48x5, $600
2016, bang caps, 14 x 14, $750
bang bang
2017, plastic die, 28x28, SOLD
the fbi
2017, perler beads, 11x11, $450
2016, perler beads, 11x11, $450
the prophecy
2017, perler beads, 11x11, $450
2015, perler beads, 11x11, $450
plastic red flannel
2015, perler beads, 11x11, $450
do not enter
2015, paper tickets, 22x22x1.5, sold
prepare to pay, again
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